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Purpose & Goals

This concept was designed to combine music discovery with tour date information and ticket purchasing. 




Problems & Solutions

The problem with combining these features is unnecessary complication. Users may simply want to find an artist, and play a song as soon as possible. They don't want to be bogged down by extra information and CTA buttons. To solve this issue I tried several different methods of adding a toggle feature that robbed as little real estate as possible. 


Click for real pixels

Click for real pixels


Many solutions did in fact save a lot of space on the screen. However, they tended to be lacking in clarity and strength. I concluded with a navigation bar below the artist photos containing three features: Tracks, Tour Dates, and Biography.

In an effort to maintain navigation bar usability while scrolling, I ditched two different designs incorporating a navigation bar flush with the top title bar at all times. The end result is a navigation bar that lingers at the top.





This is a work-in-progress.